Cheese has been our passion since 1969

As an independent family enterprise, Fromi has pursued its passion for cheese and gastronomy for more than 50 years. Selection, innovation and human expertise form the centrepiece of our activities.
Fromi has acquired an international reputation as a leading provider of cheese specialities. Our customers appreciate our comprehensive and wide-ranging selection and constant innovations.

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Who we are We unearth culinary rarities and bring out new flavours.

We passionately track down traditional specialities and create new products under our own labels. Thus our strategy is clearly based on the continuous search for authentic products which meet the expectations of a demanding market hungry for innovations.

Cheese is our DNA. However, we also offer our customers gourmet foods and wines which perfectly complement our range of local cheese creations. Product traceability is especially important for us as well as organoleptic and, of course, bacteriological quality.

Our values Proximity
We offer our customers on-site service which is tailored to their individual needs provided by a team of committed men and women who share their strong passion for cheese and gastronomy.
We create and develop new cheese specialities together with our producers every year.
With general welfare in mind we address the specific needs of our customers, suppliers and employees.
We think positively about our future rooted in a corporate culture to which everyone truly adheres.
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Fromi offers their clients products, advice and services which perfectly match their individual markets.

50 countries
5 subsidiaries Strasbourg-Kehl | Paris-Rungis | New York | Montreal | Tokyo
4 logistic hubs Strasbourg-Kehl | Paris-Rungis | New York | Tokyo
Company history
1969 FROMI is founded in Kehl by Mr Xavier David. A committed European, he had been crossing the Rhine since 1959 to trade French cheeses in Germany. From this date onwards, Fromi became an indispensable partner to traditional and artisan French cheese dairies.
1970 Xavier David launches his first creations specially adapted to the German market, such as Jurassic, a pressed cheese from Jura whose weight of 10 kg was well received by German delicatessens.
1978 With support from its historic partners, Fromi presents to the IKOFA exhibition in Munich a range of French cheeses made from raw milk: Roquefort PAPILLON, Isigny Sainte-mère Camembert produced using raw milk. At the time, this was truly revolutionary in Germany!
1985 Launch of a range created by specialist cheese dairies under the name “D’Argental”.
1986 Guillaume Dehaye comes on board. He takes over management of Fromi in 1994 following Mr Xavier David’s retirement.
1988 Creation of the Fromi signature range, a mark of quality and respect for tradition, including 10 French cheeses.
1991 Our Master Cheesemaker, Vincent Christophe, who is responsible for sourcing our products and developing new specialities, joins the organisation.
1993 Creation of Grès d’Alsace, an oval-shaped cheese with a very creamy curd and a washed rind, adorned with ferns. Its launch is a success, meaning that flavoured and more mature varieties quickly follow.
1997 Creation of the successful brand “La Tradition du Bon Fromage”, aimed exclusively at cheese sellers and unique in terms of its range of cheeses, their taste and their aging process.
1999 Fromi diversifies its business with a delicatessen range under the heading “Gourmandises de Louise”.
2000 Fromi strikes out with a major export in the form of FROMI Rungis, based at the Rungis International Market in Paris, a place dedicated to major exports, particularly to America, Japan and Australia.
2008 Creation of the FROMI USA branch in New York.
2009 Launch of a premium range exclusively reserved for the best cheese sellers and restaurants in the world under the signature brand “Xavier David - Affineur de Goûts” to celebrate the company’s 40-year anniversary and in honour of its founder. Each product is carefully selected according to its taste and exceptional maturity, results of the producer’s expertise.
2009 Launch of the partnership with Welthungerhilfe, a German NGO combatting worldwide poverty. Since this time, Fromi has been actively supporting agricultural economic development projects in Bolivia, Tajikistan and Kenya.
2012 Launch of the “Brie stuffed with black truffle”, an original creation by our Master Cheesemaker in collaboration with “Maison de la Truffe” in Paris, using the latter’s ingredients and marketed under its brand.
2012 Launch of the “Affinage d’Excellence” premium range. Simultaneously traditional, due to its producers’ ancestral expertise and the authenticity of the terroirs from which it hails, and modern thanks to its innovative packaging.
2016 Fromi is given a new visual identity. The symbol of the hummingbird with its wings flapping demonstrates our drive; the two circles represent the strong partnerships we build with our suppliers and customers.
2016 Founding of the new subsidiaries Fromi Japan in Tokyo and Fromi Canada in Montreal. Our mission is to become an indispensable partner and work more closely with all our customers who want to develop their cheese and delicatessen business.
2017 Ghislain Dehaye joins FROMI, working alongside his father and members of the management team.
2018 Redesign of the Fromi brand, which becomes the Tradition-Emotion brand, with new labels promoting the authenticity of PDO cheeses and those originating from French and European terroirs.
2019 Fromi celebrates 50 years of collaborating with its suppliers and serving its customers. Thank you!
2021 Miss Argental breathes new life and presents a new range of traditional and original soft cheeses made with 4 different milk types: cow’s, ewes’, goat’s and buffalo’s milk. Deliciously rich, creamy and flavoursome cheeses. A real treat for everyone’s taste buds.
Gamme Jurassic-Timeline
2021 Created 50 years ago, our Jurassic cheese has lost none of its original spirit nowadays; quite the contrary! To celebrate its half-century of existence, Fromi has launched a whole brand with a strong identity and new labels. Jurassic is available in several different maturations and in organic or alcohol-matured versions.
2021 Newcomer in the Jurassic range, Jurassic Dino is a mountain raw milk cheese for the whole family and especially for children. The friendly mascot, Juju the Dino, appears on many marketing tools, like a comic book with delicious, easy-to-make recipes.
2022 The Cremoso al Tartufo caused already a sensation at its launching in 2019. Today building on this success, and to launch its growing range of CREMOSO cheeses, Fromi innovates with an advertising campaign inspired by the greatest perfume brands. Which Cremoso will I eat today depending on my mood: truffle, pistachio or sparkling wine?
Solidarity Fromi cooperates with FERT

Fromi and its employees encourage and support humanitarian work and educational initiatives fighting against poverty and hunger in the world.
After having sponsored, from 2009 to 2020, projects with the German NGO Welthungerhilfe, helping small farmers in Bolivia, Tajikistan and Kenya, we have chosen in 2021 to start a new partnership with the NGO Fert to help dairy farmers in the Lesser Caucasus, Georgia. Our objective is to improve their living standards through the development of the dairy production.
For each kilo of sold ‘Xavier David’ cheese Fert receives 0,25 €.

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