Our cheese range from the Jura Mountains, on both the French and Swiss sides Mountain hard cheeses made from raw cow's milk

The Jurassic cheese was born 50 years ago thanks to Xavier David, the founder of Fromi, who decided to create a cheese similar to Comté, but in a smaller format, with wheels weighing up to 12 kg. Today, Jurassic has lost none of its original spirit; quite the contrary! To celebrate its half-century of existence, Jurassic is now a signature line, a whole brand with a strong identity.


The Jurassic range offers various references that will appeal to cheese lovers of all types. Jurassic, the original , the flagship, but also the Grands Crus Jurassic , with different maturations, 10-12 months , 18-24 months . Not to mention the organic version. The Jurassic brand also includes cheeses ripened with alcohol (Vin Jaune, nut liqueur, Marc du Jura and Champagne) that round out the range beautifully. Discover more by clicking below.

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Our cheeses from the Jurassic range mainly come from the Jura Mountains, on both the French and Swiss sides and are made with raw milk from local traditional farms. The cows mainly feed on grass in the summer and on silage-free hay and after growth in the winter, providing richness and flavour to the milk they produce.

And discover our latest addition to the range:
Jurassic Dino, for children

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