A fresh take on cheese
2. edition

Our Cologne trade show from 17th. to 18th. September 2023

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Our second edition of “Käse mal Anders” (A fresh take on cheese) took place from Sunday 17th. to Monday 18 th. September 2023 in Cologne, Germany. For this private tasting, Fromi employees welcomed their customers from north Germany and Europe to a cheese and culinary experience, both traditional and innovative. For this edition, our guests were able to discover and taste the new 2023-24 cheeses and delicatessen products.

Innovation Cheese or dessert?

The Cream-Cheese-Bar featuring the Cremoso range, already showcased at our first edition in Munich last spring, delighted all guests, especially with the new flavours Cremoso al Cioccolato and Cremoso al Panettone. These ‘Haute Couture’ Italian blue cheeses were presented in mini-ice cream cones.

Our master cheesemaker, Vincent Christophe, presented his latest stunning creation, Entremet Choco Moro, a blue cheese coated in dark chocolate, developed in collaboration with the Moro cheese dairy. Another creation was showcased: the Choco Moro Mini, small chocolate pralines coated in dark or milk chocolate, which contain the secret of a cheese-based recipe.

To highlight our bestsellers, Marian Bosch, our chef at the Bergdorf Bader Alm restaurant in the Black Forest, has made snowmen with the Picandou fresh goat’s cheese and a cheesy fruit tart with the Vacherousse d’Argental soft cheese.

How to treat yourself in good company Raclette Bar

With winter just around the corner, our new raclette cheeses from Switzerland and France were served hot and crackling, straight from the raclette oven.

Attendees could also discover the entire range of “Tailor-made cheese”, from Swiss creator and affineur Kevin Koch, with the bestseller 8 Blumen and new, ever more innovative products, such as Croccanta and Cannalina raclette-cheeses. There’s plenty to tantalise the senses!

A fresh take on cheeses Our novelties 2023-24
Here’s a sneak preview of what’s new:

  • Triplerousse d’Argental, a soft cheese made from three milks (cow’s, goat’s, and sheep’s milk).
  • Stiltons and Cheddars from the English Hartington Creamery. The cheddar range is very comprehensive, with 4 maturing stages (6-10-15-22 months) and 5 different flavours.
  • Italian cheeses with the Moroterno range from Moro Formaggi, with three different flavours, pink (horseradish, honey, beetroot), mustard and truffle.

Ruby Jubilee Grès® range

Our Grès® range is celebrating its 40th anniversary with a new product: Grès du Centre-Loire with its distinctive character of the brand, an oval shape, and its subtle goat’s milk cheese flavour. A brand to watch in 2024!

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