Christmas, raclettes, fondues and hotboxes

Get ready for the forthcoming festive season! Halloween, Christmas, raclette, fondue, special and limited edition cheeses, gourmet food. Our Christmas and our Raclette & Fondue catalogues are now available free of charge on request.

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OUR RACLETTE & FONDUES CATALOGUE Get inspired for the winter
As the days get shorter and winter and the cold set in, your customers will be looking forward to a delicious raclette! Get inspired and choose the raclettes you want to propose to your customers! This year we have some innovative ideas for you, such as flambéed raclettes and an Italian version with a hot Caciocavallo cheese. Overview: raclette #differently , raclette cheese from Switzerland and France, “boîtes chaudes” (hot boxes), Fondues, and of course all the side dishes and fine food for a typical meal! You’ll find a wide range of flavours to suit all tastes and budgets. Think about how you are going to organise your counter, or why not a raclette bar?


CHRISTMAS CATALOGUE Unique taste sensation for the festive season!
Are you thinking about Christmas already? Professionals are now beginning to prepare for the season, especially when it comes to offering special and limited-edition cheeses.
Our Christmas 2024 catalogue is more comprehensive than previous ones, as it includes new festive seasons such as Halloween and Valentine’s Day, as well as new sections such as Cheeses & Desserts. Discover our limited-edition cheeses like Grès de Lorraine with pumpkin seeds or Crémoso pumpkin for Halloween. The range of truffle cheeses is as wide-ranging as ever. Our delicious, flavoured cheeses, matured in wine or spirits, our long maturing cheeses and of course our decorated goat’s milk cheeses will give you a unique taste sensation for the festive season. In addition to these must-have products, we also offer ideas for making cheese platters or gourmet baskets, as well as delicatessen products and drinks.

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