Commercial trip Italy September 2022

Beginning of September, our sales teams headed to Italy to discover its cheeses specialties and visit two exceptional suppliers: Caseificio Tosi for their Gorgonzola and Caseificio Gennari for their Parmesan.

Caseificio Tosi is located near Lake Maggiore. The family business is one of the smallest producers of Gorgonzola DOP. The entire production cycle, from cheese making to salting and maturing, is carried out using traditional and artisanal methods. Our teams were able to visit the production facilities and learn about a brand new resealable packaging that allows the Gorgonzola to breathe and protects it once opened.

The next day, in Coleccio, a suburb of Parma, the Gennari family warmly opened their doors to us and gave us a tour of their farm and production facility. This family cheese dairy was founded in 1953 and is considered the “Ferrari” of Parmesan. They produce 35,000 wheels per year and breed their own cows.

In the evening, a tasting with natural wines allowed our teams to discover new creations from other Italian suppliers: Cremonesi, Moro, Central and the new GranChef pasta from Fontaneto.