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On 9 and 10 June 2024, another edition of our private fair "Käse mal Anders" A Fresh Take on Cheese took place in Cologne, Germany. Our guests were able to discover and taste the cheese and delicatessen novelties for autumn and especially for end-of-year shopping.

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Colourful or black, warm or cold, wintry or summery, sweet or savoury, cheese or dessert? Opposites attract and create unforgettable experiences!
In a beautiful setting, on the banks of the Rhine and opposite Cologne Cathedral, Fromi’s staff welcomed regular and potential customers, specialised cheese shops, weekly market traders, supermarket buyers from Germany, Austria and Belgium to offer them a cheese and culinary experience, both from a traditional and innovative point of view.
After the 2023 September edition, this year we decided to present the new products in advance in June. We have organised a showcase called “Contrasts”, where we present the various highlights of the year: Summer, Mozzarella Bar, Pink October, Autumn and Halloween, Raclette Bar, Winter Cheese, Christmas, Blue Cheese and Colours.

Stimulating impulse purchases Mozza and Raclette Bar
In addition to the mozzarella bar, which featured various buffalo mozzarellas as well as plain or truffle feta, the focus was on seasonal ranges such as Halloween and selected cheese specialties to promote “Pink October” – a project for which Fromi is socially committed. The raclette bar was the counterpart to the mozzarella bar, and Vincent Christophe, master cheesemaker and deputy manager of Fromi, presented a wide selection of raclette cheeses. This time he came up with something special with the Italian cheese “Caciocavallo“. The cut surface of this pasta filata cheese is heated while suspended over a hot spiral and scraped off in the traditional way: Italian raclette!

A fresh take on cheese Our novelties 2024-25
Here are just a few of the many new cheeses that will be soon launched to help you give your shop’s range a fresh boost.

  • A Manchego Artesano DOP de Granja, a 100% artisanal and handmade farmhouse cheese made from the milk of high-quality Manchega breed sheep.
  • La Tomme Brebis du Rougier, a cheese made in Aveyron from raw milk from Lacaune sheep fed exclusively on grass and hay, with a caramelised rind. A delicious accompaniment to raclette!
  • The Sakura range, a farm production matured with cherry leaves, with Ové Japonais, Cerisea, goat’s or sheep’s milk cheese matured with a Sakura leaf.
  • The Mini Triplerousse d’Argental, a small 80 g cheese made from three types of milk (cow’s, goat’s and sheep’s milk)./li>
  • Barberouge, with a pretty, orange-coloured rind and creamy throughout.
  • In the Jurassic range, the Vigneronne and Pinonoire are excellent raclette cheeses!
  • Following the success of Entremets Chocomoro and the Cremoso range, Fromi is further expanding its cheese and dessert range, in particular with Tiramiblu, a new Cremoso enriched with a coffee liqueur and dusted with cocoa to perfectly capture the nuances of Italian tiramisu.
  • For Halloween, we are launching limited edition cheeses such as Grès de Lorraine with pumpkin seeds and Crémoso Pumpkin.


A fresh take on cheese is becoming a real meeting place for cheese lovers. We are already thinking about the next edition!

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