In october look at life through rose-coloured glasses

Surprise your customers with these beautiful pink cheeses: as well as their amazing taste and unusual colour, you’ll be doing a good deed, as 10% of the profits from their sales will be donated to the French breast cancer charity ”Ruban Rose”.

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Our support to Pink October fight against breast cancer Our supporting cheeses

Each year in October, the NGO „Ruban Rose“ organises a campaign to fight against breast cancer, providing information, encouraging dialogue and mobilising people. FROMI has chosen to support the campaign, with the sale of 4 unique pink cheeses: Pink Queen Cheese, Pink Cheese à racler, Pink Moroterno and the Brie de Meaux AOP Dongé special edition « Ruban Rose » with a pink wooden box. FROMI is committed to donating
10% of the proceeds from sales to the NGO.

  • Pink Queen, ripened for 5 months, is an absolute delight on the palate, with its creamy texture and slightly tangy taste. It has just the right consistency for making all sorts of unusual recipes. In fact, our chefs have had lots of fun creating a whole collection of recipes involving the colour pink and Pink October. Plenty of ideas for your customers to try!
  • Pink à Racler is ripened for 3 months, and its special feature is its melting qualities. And it’s only when it melts that it expresses its full aroma. It really is THE cheese to include in your selection of raclettes. It tastes good, looks good – and does good too. What’s not to like?
  • Pink Moroterno is a cow’s milk cheese with pink marbling. The colour comes from the beetroot, while its unusual flavour is marked by the combination of honey and horseradish. Surprisingly delicate!
  • Our famous Brie de Meaux AOP from Dongé is now available in a special edition “Ruban Rose” with a pink wooden box. Made in the traditional way and matured on straw in damp cellars, this Brie is highly aromatic and creamy.


How can I support this event as a Fromi customer? Every sale counts!

We’re counting on you to help us do this by showcasing these magnificent cheeses in your display and explaining how the operation works to your customers. We’ve created posters for you to display in your store as visual aids. They contain all the information about the cheeses associated with the FROMI Pink October event.

Discover our pink recipes