Fromi supports the French Foundation for Cheese Biodiversity

Local cheeses made from raw milk are part of France’s culinary heritage. Let’s work together to preserve them with the "Fondation pour la biodiversité fromagère" (French Foundation for Cheese Biodiversity) !

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New support from Fromi in 2024 la Fondation pour la biodiversité fromagère

From January 1st to June 30th 2024,  Fromi will donate 10% of MABRE DE MOYON sales to the foundation!

A farmcheese made from raw milk Le Marbre de Moyon

Marbre de Moyon is made at the GAEC des Alpines, in the small village of Moyon Villages in Normandy. This family farm has been raising goats since 1962. The herd includes 400 goats from the Alpine breed. It’s quite rare to find goat farms in Normandy, a region known for Camembert and especially for its famous Norman cow!

Marbre de  Moyon is a beautiful log shaped goat cheese marbled on the rind and in the paste and with a fairly dense but melting texture that will sublime your cheese platters.

😉 Our tip : this cheese is best to enjoy at room temperature and should be cut with a cheese lyre rather than a knife to reveal its beautiful marble pattern.


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