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The new trend at Fromi: "A Fresh Take on Cheese". Our new products catalogue, as well as our Christmas and Raclette & Fondue catalogues, are available free of charge upon request.

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OUR CATALOGUES ARE NOW AVAILABLE Christmas 2023, Raclette Fondue & Co
As the days get shorter and the cooler temperatures tell us winter is on its way, your customers start looking forward to the promise of cosy, comforting evenings with a raclette! And for you, the Christmas catalogue is the ideal support for your cheese offer in the run-up to the festive season.

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It has just been released!

  • The cover features the Swiss Pink Queen Cheese with its dark pink paste. Its unique look won’t go unnoticed.
  • This year, our master cheesemaker Vincent Christophe travelled to England. Using his expertise, he has put together a selection of top-quality stiltons and unique cheddars from the town of Cheddar.
  • In “Our exclusive brands” section, you’ll find many new products waiting to be tasted. Triplerousse d’Argental is the latest addition to the brand’s Rousse family of soft cheeses with an orange-red washed rind. It is a variant with a blend of three milks: cow’s, ewe’s, and goat’s milk.
  • The Barbichette range has two new additions, Brill’ant and Saint Maxime, a goat’s milk cheese with seaweed.
  • Our historic grès® range is celebrating its 40th anniversary. For the occasion, a Grès® from the Centre-Loire region has been added to a selection that’s well worth rediscovering.
  • Gutshöfer, a gouda flavoured with honey and thyme, will bring a floral note to your counter.
  • Once again, this year, Swiss cheese creator Kevin Koch has come up with some surprising new products: Cannalina, a cheese coated with a mixture of hemp leaves, flowers, and oil, and Croccanta, a raclette with figs and walnuts.
  • To finish on a sweet note, Fromi continues to innovate with its surprising chocolate creations filled with blue cheese. These have been created by our master cheesemaker and the Moro cheese dairy: chocolate entremet and Mini -Pralines Choco Moro, not forgetting the Cremoso al Cioccolato.


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