Fromi celebrates the 50 years of the Jurassic : the video

True to our values of proximity, sharing and conviviality, we organised an in-house fair on Wednesday 8 September 2021 to which we invited customers and suppliers. We were also able to present our new products and celebrate the 50th anniversary of our Jurassic cheese.

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Look back Our in-house fair at Bergdorf Bader Alm

Look back in this video on our in-house exhibition on 8 September at the Bergdorf Bader Alm. After a superb day with discovery and tasting of our new products, we celebrated together the 50th anniversary of a famous cheese: the JURASSIC! It was a great opportunity to bring together producers, customers and employees and spend an exceptional moment. An event that will be remembered for a long time, thanks again to all the participants!