FERT : Looking back at our solidarity action in 2023

Since 2021, Fromi has been working with the NGO FERT to help small dairy farmers in the Lesser Caucasus region of Georgia. Here is the report for 2023, which was made possible thanks to the support of the Xavier David brand.

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Fromi has been supporting small producers in Georgia since 2021 Background to the project
In the Lesser Caucasus, a region in the south of Georgia, 64% of the population lives in rural areas and depends on dairy farming. The aim of our cooperation with Fert is to develop this dairy sector and improve the standard of living of dairy farmers.

In 2022, the actions have focused on two main axes. Improving milk quality, with a focus on cow nutrition, and supporting milk processing and cheese marketing. To encourage producers to work on quality issues, the Derzeli cooperative introduced a quality payment scheme.

Delegation of Georgian breeders on a study trip to Savoie
2023 Action Report Key facts
15,000 € was paid thanks to the 2022 turnover of the Xavier David brand. This sum has been used for various actions in 2023.

  • Soil and grassland fertilisation and recovery of manure and slurry.
  • Group purchase of seeds and use of new forage plants, such as beetroot or alfalfa, for a more balanced livestock diet.
  • Hay Olympics, organised by the GBDC for the second year. Hays were graded on 4 criteria: colour, softness, smell and presence of leaves.
  • Monthly health monitoring of 100 dairy cows and control of infections such as mastitis.
  • Advice on cheese manufacturing from a Basque consultant at the Derzeli cooperative.
  • Joint purchase of rennet.
  • Participation in the French livestock fair “Sommet de l’élevage” in Clermont-Ferrand in France, in October 2023. Study trip and visit to cheese dairies in Savoie
  • Competition with Imeruli cheese, one of Georgia’s best-known cheeses.
  • Comparative tasting of Tenili, the emblematic Georgian cheese, with 11 producers. Fromi had provided a sensory analysis grid to help them in their evaluations during their tastings.


13.349 € were donated thanks to the 2023 turnover of the brand Xavier David. This donation will be used for the required actions for the year 2024.
XAVIER DAVID cheeses are products that allow concrete help in the world. Since 2009, 0,25 € per kg of cheese sold have been donated to our NGO partners.
We would already like to thank all our customers, as it is thanks to you that this project will be able to be fulfilled!

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