Pink October donation results.
Thanks to you!

Each year in October, the Ruban Rose association launches a big campaign to fight against breast cancer. FROMI has chosen to support its action with the sale of 4 unique pink cheeses.

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Our support to Pink October Our supporting cheeses
Thanks to you, dear customers and Fromi employees, our efforts to support the RUBAN ROSE campaign have paid off:

  • 64€ collected by Fromi employees
  • Donation of 10%, i.e.€5234 , out of a total turnover of €51,706 from the sale of 4 cheeses:
    Pink Queen Cheese, Pink Cheese à racler, Pink Moroterno and Brie de Meaux Dongé special “Ruban Rose” edition.
  • By the end of its campaign, the “Ruban Rose” associations had raised €1,850,000 for breast cancer research.
Fromi celebrates pink October The pink raclette day
The Fromi teams, ever motivated by this campaign, got together on 16th. October for a convivial PINK RACLETTE! From their glasses to their socks, the employees were dressed in their best pink outfits.😉

The “Ruban Rose” association has been fighting breast cancer since 2003. It supports research, informs and raises awareness!

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In october look at life through rose-coloured glasses