# DIY cheese for the cheese counter, Festive recipe, For children

Christmas trees with Grand Cru Jurassic

People 4 Foodlovers
Preparation 30 min.

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  • 500 g  Grand Cru Jurassic
  • 100 g white jelly
  • 2 bunches chives
  • 20 g hazelnut powder
  • Curry
  • Pink peppercorns
  • Christmas tree cookie cutter
  • Star cookie cutter
  • Wooden toothpicks

Preparation steps

  1. Slice the cheese.
  2. Cut into Christmas tree and star shapes using cookie cutters.
  3. Meanwhile, finely chop the chives.
  4. Warm the jelly and brush over all the pieces of cheese.
  5. Decorate the stars with the curry, the trees with the chives and the trunks with the hazelnut powder. Put the pink peppercorns on the chives.
  6. Use a wooden toothpick to assemble the stars on top of the trees.

😉 Tips and Ideas: What about the leftover pieces? Grate the rest of the cheese and offer in fondue bags!