You too try our amazing fondues !

In home cooking, there is nothing easier to make than a delicious fondue. This meal gives you the freedom to experiment, adapt, and try out anything you like. Our cheese master has formulated for you new recipes we do like at Fromi.

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For Brie de Meaux lovers Fondue 100% Brie de Meaux

Try this rather unusual fondue, combining our Brie de Meaux AOP La Réserve des Crémiers with Champagne. It’ is unique and surprising! Whatever you do, don’t remove the rind from the Brie de Meaux. That way you won’t waste any precious cheese and your fondue will have even more flavour. Stir the mixture until it has a smooth and creamy texture. The Brie de Meaux needs to be heated over high heat for ideal melting.
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Fondue Brie de Meaux AOP la Réserve des Crémiers

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For lovers of soft cheeses from Normandy Normandy Fondue

We have created and tested it for you. Rather full-bodied in taste, it is prepared with cider and a touch of calvados. Your Fromi shopping list:

Cheese fondue Normand style

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